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Electrical Maintenance Services

Lore Electrical Contractors, Inc. recommends that both our residential and commercial clients pursue regularly scheduled electrical maintenance service visits for all of their primary electrical systems. When it comes to electrical maintenance the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Benefits of a routinely maintained electrical system include:

  • Minimized power interruptions
  • Extended equipment life
  • Accident reductions
  • Decreased probability of fire
  • The possibility of lower insurance rates

Efficiency Analysis

Lore Electrical Contractors, Inc. offers a comprehensive electrical efficiency analysis of both currently used and potentially new electrical systems and their related components. We assess the electrical resources that are currently available on the market today and advise our clients of the most beneficial products that accommodate their needs. In addition to this we also offer any installations and/or repairs that might be needed to any currently used systems for the purpose of increasing and/or improving efficiency.