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Electrical Repair Services

Lore Electrical Contractors, Inc. offers the most dependable electrical repair services for both residential and commercial electrical applications. We approach every repair job with urgency and dedication so that you are up and running again with minimal down time. Whether you are a frequent customer or new client who has immediate need of electrical repair please contact us by email and/or telephone at (904)-273-1143 to have one of our representatives assist you with your requirements.

Trouble Shooting & Emergency Situations

In the event that an unfortunate situation happens to your home and/or business, Lore Electrical Contractors, Inc. is prepared to assist you with excellent response time and performance. Each service vehicle is well equipped with the tools necessary to remedy almost any situation. Our remote site electricians are trained specifically for “crisis management” enabling them to assess the core problem and expedite a solution quickly.

Lightning Damage Repair

Northeast Florida is notorious for its violent lightning storms. Every year thousands of homes, apartments, condominiums, as well as businesses located in the Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra areas suffer from some form of lightning damage. Regardless of the magnitude of the damage, Lore Electrical Contractors, Inc. is experienced with dealing with these problems and has many repair solutions, including component replacement, that are sure to return damaged systems back to normal.